Qualys Security Conference

Qualys Security Conference

QSC EMEA 2021 12-Day Virtual Event

FAQs for Qualys Employees

I did not receive a login email. What should I do?

The login information email is sent from hello@swapcard.com. Check your Spam folder. If you still can’t find the email, contact qsc@qualys.com and we will send you a new link.

Why is my email address not recognized when I login?

There may be several reasons why your email address is not recognized:

  • Make sure you are registered to the event you are attending.
  • Make sure that the email address you entered is the one you used to register to the event.
  • If you entered your email address correctly, you might have made a mistake while registering to the event.
  • Contact qsc@qualys.com if you still cannot login

I am staffed to support a scheduled session. What do I need to know?

Please refer to this schedule to know what time and which session you are scheduled for. As a Speaker or a designated Qualys Technical Rep, you will monitor the Live discussion and respond to any questions that come in. In addition to the Speaker, each live session will have 2 to 3 Technical Reps assigned.

When an attendee asks questions, it can be answered by anyone, including conference attendees. If the question has been appropriately answered, no further action is required.

All questions will be posted in the Chat tab which can get inundated with comments and questions. Make sure to keep an eye out for any questions that come through:

You can address an attendee on the chat by using the “@” sign and their name. We also need you to flag abusive and inappropriate language as this type of behavior is forbidden. If you see an offensive, abusive, or inappropriate language, inform Ellie Dalkilic or Anne Lenoir with the name of the attendee and session. She will delete the message from the chat and reach out to the attendee.

Please note that the Live Discussion panel will permanently disappear 5 minutes after the session ends. So, if you need to follow up with anyone, make sure to take down their information or schedule a separate meeting with them.

I am staffed to support the Qualys Q&A Bar. What do I need to know?

Please refer to this schedule to find out when you’re scheduled to staff the Q&A Bar. There are two major components that you need to pay attention to while staffing the Q&A Bar: Meetings and Chat.


The Q&A Bar will work similarly to Black Hat Europe virtual booth.. All meetings will be assigned to you by the Q&A Bar Host. DO NOT ACCEPT meetings unless they are assigned to you.

Q&A BAR HOST: Q&A Bar meeting requests received will appear on the Q&A Bar virtual booth page located in the "Meetings" area on the left-had side of the page:

Q&A BAR STAFF: You can see your pending or confirmed meetings, by clicking My Event > My Meetings:

ALL: Once you see pending meetings, you can accept it by clicking on the pending meeting. To accept the meeting, click accept. You can also assign the meeting to a different team member. To assign the meeting, remove your name from the box by pressing “x” then type in your team member’s name:

You can also cancel a pending meeting by clicking on Cancel the Meeting.

By default, all meeting slots created by the organizer will show up on your profile indicating that you’re available. To change your availability status, go back to My Event > My Meetings > Make unavailable:

Once you make yourself unavailable, those time slots will no longer be displayed on your profile and other participants will no longer be able to book meetings with you during these times.

Click on Make Available to open up a slot that you previously had marked as unavailable.

For assigned 1:1 meetings with an attendee, Swapcard can host text chats and video chats on their platform.  However, if you need to share your screen or need to add another person  to the meeting, you will need to provide a Zoom link in details.


You can have a conversation within the Q&A Bar. This chat is visible to all Q&A Bar staff. To monitor this general chat, make sure that you are in the correct chat box. To toggle between your personal chat box and the Q&A Chat box click on the chat box and follow the steps:

Once you choose the Q&A Bar, you’ll be able to view the attendees who have posted questions in the Q&A Booth. Attendees asking questions in the booth do not necessarily have a scheduled 1:1 meeting.

Please note that we have created schedules so that Qualys staffers will have time to interact with customers in the booth while staying current on their other QSC activities. If you have a scheduling conflict, please contact someone to trade shifts with you.

Can I modify a meeting request?

It is not possible to change the date or time of a meeting. To do this, you must cancel and send a new meeting request. However, you can change the person assigned to the meeting. To do this, click on the meeting, then on the name of the person assigned. You can now enter the new name.

How do I ask for a meeting with an attendee?

  1. Go to the list of participants and select a profile
  2. Click on one of the proposed meeting slots. If you don’t see an option you want, click “see more slots”
  3. After selecting a slot, choose a location and write a message to the person you’ve invited.
  4. Click on the arrow at the top right to send the request. All meeting requests will appear in My Meetings located in the My Events tab

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