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Symantec Integration

Qualys Collector for Symantec SSMS

The Qualys Collector Version 2.0 for the Symantec Security Management System (SSMS) provides a scalable, high-performance solution for centralized logging, alerting and reporting on vulnerability threats identified by Qualys®. The vulnerabilities identified by Qualys scans can be viewed within Symantec Enterprise Security Architecture (SESA) 2.0 and correlated to other security alerts in Symantec Incident Manager 3.0. SESA is the security platform that powers the Symantec Security Management System. Symantec Incident Manager correlates security events in real time across disparate security technologies and network tiers to identify, prioritize and coordinate the resolution of security incidents.

How does it work?

Qualys Collector Version 2.0 includes the Qualys Collector (UEC), based on the Symantec Universal Event Collector (SUEC) framework, and a standalone Java application called the QualysUpdater. The QualysUpdater gathers Qualys vulnerability scan results and writes vulnerability update information to intermediate log files. The Qualys Collector UEC watches for these log files and processes them as they become available, repackaging the logged data for communication to SSMS. Qualys recommends that you run the QualysUpdater with the same frequency as security audits are run in the Qualys Web application.

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Customer Benefits

  • Reduce information clutter and streamline data analysis, minimizing costs and complexities of managing cross-tier solutions.
  • Easier to identify potential threats.
  • Accelerate the identification of threats with automated vulnerability notifications from Qualys and correlation with other security events so companies can respond to threats more effectively and ensure network availability.

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