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Qualys Solutions Meet Amazon Scan Policies to Give You Total Visibility

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Qualys respects your privacy.

Qualys solutions for Amazon Web Services provides full visibility of, and control over, the security of your on-premises and public cloud resources.

Qualys'  partnership with Amazon lets you uses a cloud platform to gain a continuous, integrated view of the security and compliance posture of your AWS EC2 instances.

The scanning capability within Qualys Vulnerability Management ensures that all Amazon scanning policies will be followed and that scanning will not inadvertently target other Amazon customers’ EC2 or VPC instances. 

Qualys' native integration with AWS enables:

  • Automated EC2 inventory discovery using the native Qualys Connector for AWS
  • Internal scanning using Qualys’ Virtual Scanner Appliance deployed on Amazon EC2 Classic or VPC or Qualys Cloud agents on the EC2 instances
  • Perimeter scanning of public facing instances in Amazon EC2 from Qualys Internet Remote Scanners

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