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HIPAA Compliance

Qualys - A Security Provider that Can Help You with HIPAA Compliance

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Qualys respects your privacy.

The HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules apply to any organization that manages electronic protected health information. This includes medical practices, health plans, biotech firms, pharmacies, medical device manufacturers, service providers, and more. 

These regulations are a challenge to any organization, and gaps in compliance could be very costly. Obviously, third-party validation of your HIPAA compliance is an important step in protecting your patients and business from a potential data breach and fines for non-compliance. Qualys is a security provider that can help you with these issues.

Qualys Policy Compliance is an automated, agent-less solution that will assist you in meeting requirements of HIPAA policy compliance.

Qualys Policy Compliance features:

  • Graphical scorecards that allow you to review multiple policies at the same time and see how compliant you are
  • A way of responding to violations quickly, before they get too far out of hand
  • A process for pulling passwords dynamically from 3rd-party credential management systems and use privilege escalation systems such as “sudo"
  • A method for monitoring arbitrary files on Windows and Unix/Linux hosts for changes so that unexpected modifications can be caught quickly

Stay up-to-date and compliant with HIPPA by using Qualys Policy Compliance. From assessing security configurations of IT throughout your network to creating reports to ensure policies are followed, our Policy Compliance has you covered. See how Policy Compliance can keep you HIPPA compliant with our trial offer.