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GDPR requires superior data breach prevention and detection.

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To be GDPR compliant, you must have a rock-solid security posture in place. With foundational, solid security and compliance practices, you’ll be able to demonstrate that you’re doing proper due diligence to protect your systems from a data breach. Specifically, you must have automated and continuous processes for IT asset inventory, vulnerability management, threat prioritization, web app security, configuration controls compliance, file integrity monitoring, indication of compromise, vendor risk assessment, and public cloud security.

The challenge

InfoSec teams lack details about specific security measures and requirements for protecting EU residents' data.

The solution

Qualys offers an integrated suite of Cloud Apps across a broad array of security and compliance functions, which can help with multiple elements of GDPR compliance.


Qualys can help you to

Automate EU data protection

Automate security, compliance and IT data collection to identify data owners, classify data, and manage procedural controls for data and applications handling EU citizen personal information in your environment.

Enforce security controls and best practices

Track applications and assets that are used for gathering and processing protected data, allowing you to enforce security controls and best practices on those related systems.

Protect your business from compromises

Implement the proper security controls needed to protect against compromises of confidentiality, availability and integrity of data.

Assess vendor risk

Prepare vendor risk assessments to ensure proper security controls are in place with partners that process protected data on your behalf.

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