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Qualys' versatile data-collection sensors — including scanners, agents, and network sniffers — provide unparalleled visibility and accuracy across all types of IT assets everywhere.

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Qualys' versatile data-collection sensors — including scanners, agents, and network sniffers — provide unparalleled visibility and accuracy across all types of IT assets everywhere.

Protecting your hybrid IT environment must start with complete, unobstructed visibility of your global network. That’s precisely what Qualys gives you: A unified view of your IT assets, vulnerabilities, threats and misconfigurations. This clarity helps you prevent IT breakdowns, breaches and regulatory mishaps. With Qualys’ powerful search, users can quickly investigate issues and respond immediately when problems arise.

Get Full Visibility and Actionable Information — for a Strong Security and Compliance Posture

A single source of truth for hybrid IT environments, with all security and compliance data at your fingertips.

Access Critical Security and Compliance Intelligence Continuously and Instantly

Complete, searchable IT asset inventory

Qualys gives you full horizontal visibility of all assets: On prem systems, cloud workloads, containers, IoT sensors, operational technology (OT), mobile devices and more. It also provides granular details of each asset: Hardware specs, installed software, network connections, digital certificates, users, installed patches, open vulnerabilities, running processes and more.

End-to-end vulnerability management lifecycle

Qualys lets you do proactive risk management via comprehensive breach prevention that includes fully-integrated vulnerability assessment, threat prioritization and patch management. You can continuously detect vulnerabilities, pinpoint the most serious ones, and patch the assets at the highest risk. No more vulnerability blind spots for opportunistic hackers to easily exploit.

For example, you can search for specific vulnerabilities, such as the notorious Meltdown (CVE-2017-5754) and Spectre (CVE-2017-5753, CVE-2017-5715) CPU bugs — and instantly find out where they are across your entire environment, without having to run a full report.

Comprehensive policy compliance

With Qualys, you can assess security configurations across your technology landscape — from traditional AIX hosts to new DevOps technologies such as Kafka and Cassandra. With security configurations playing a critical part of internal requirements and of external mandates such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, FedRAMP and HIPAA, Qualys also enables mandate-based reporting to continuously track compliance and reduce risk.

For example, Qualys lets you monitor your compliance with FedRAMP’s key requirements of configuration control management, so you can find out things like:

  • Which are your top failing controls?
  • What’s the compliance status of each FedRAMP-scoped asset?
  • What is the compliance trend of your controls and assets over a period of time?

Searchable dashboard with unified view

Qualys’ central console brings together all your IT, security and compliance data in a “single pane” view. Its powerful search engine lets you easily craft complex queries and instantly find, for example, all Lenovo laptops running Windows 10 that have a particular vulnerability, or all leaky storage buckets in your public clouds. Dashboards are highly customizable and you can create live, interactive widgets from specific search queries that display real-time data so you can stay on top of critical security and compliance scenarios.

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