Zero Day Vulnerability

Increase Your Defenses Against Attacks on Zero Day Vulnerabilities

A zero-day threat is a vulnerability that becomes known to the vendor on the same day it becomes known to the public, meaning IT assets targeted by a zero-day threat won't have a patch available when it's needed. However, zero-day attacks operate in a realm of the probable - they work only because there are exploitable vulnerabilities within IT systems. Many of these can, and should be prevented.

Adopting a defense in depth strategy is mandatory for repelling zero-day attacks.These can exploit a variety of IT technologies so it’s important to address them with a spectrum of appropriate security controls.

The Qualys Zero-Day Risk Analyzer enhances the cloud platform by performing analysis for predictable vulnerabilities with information from the VeriSign iDefense GlobalThreat Intelligence Services listing.

Using the Qualys Zero-Day Risk Analyzer will give you these features:

iDefense Intelligence page gives an immediate sense of exposure to zero-day risks by accessing the 

• CVSS helps you determine the severity of the vulnerability

• Predictable details indicate that the vulnerability can be evaluated by the Zero-Day Risk Analyzer

• Shows the percentage of assets in your environment predicted to be at risk by the Zero-Day Risk Analyzer

Harden your organization's defenses against zero-day attacks. Start your free trial of Qualys Cloud Suite with Zero-Day Risk Analyzer.

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