Types Of Penetration Testing

Discover the Vulnerabilities in Your Web Applications

Web applications are the weakest link in IT security defenses.  Web app vulnerabilities are often outside the traditional purview of network managers. Their built-in obscurity helps evade traditional network defenses — unless you take deliberate countermeasures.  As with network security, the best strategy is a multi-layer approach. Detection and remediation may require source code analysis. Detecting other vulnerabilities may require on-site penetration testing.

To manage website penetration testing, Qualys created Web Application Security. It's a cloud-based service that discovers, catalogs, and protects all your web apps.

Web Application Security offers these benefits:

  • Multi-layered protection
  • Discovery and cataloging web apps automatically
  • Monitoring the perimeter continuously

Begin your free trial today  to learn more about protecting web applications.

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