Software Asset Management

Arm Yourself with the Necessary Tools to Manage and Keep Your Assets Secure

It can be a challeging task to ensure all IT assets are up-to-date, compliant, and secure. Qualys AssetView can provide you with visibility into global IT assets and it arms professionals with the information necessary to keep those assets secure.

Investigating security incidents or verifying and demonstrating compliance can be a major challenge without the right tools to monitor all of your IT assets. For reliable and accurate asset inventory, security and compliance professionals within organizations of all sizes are increasingly turning to cloud-based technologies like AssetView for assistance.

With AssetView, you can enjoy these powerful features:

• Automatic device and web app discovery

• Automatic hierarchical organization of IT systems, web applications, scanner appliances and devices

• Automatic development of visual maps of your networked assets so you can easily see where they are

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