Penetration Testing Cost

Discover Your Network Vulnerabilities with These Subscription Options

Penetration testing software is vital to network security teams as they try to determine where their systems are sensitive to cyber-attacks. Clarity is the priority in constructing a defense against the cyber-thieves who are trying to attack your network.

If you are in charge of network security, you need to be familiar with how to prevent attacks by eliminating network weaknesses that leave your business exposed and at risk.

The Qualys Cloud Suite is available as an annual subscription. Pricing is based on the number of users, IPs, and Qualys Scanner Appliances required. 

Qualys offers three levels of security based upon your organization's size. They are:

  1. Express Lite Edition - 1-year subscription includes max of 3 users, 256 IPs and unlimited scans.
  2. Express Edition - 1-year subscription includes unlimited users, 5,120 IPs and unlimited scans
  3. Enterprise Edition - 1-year subscription includes unlimited users, unlimited scanners and unlimited scans

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