PCI Compliance Scans

Simplify PCI Compliance with Simple Scanning Features

If your business submits credit card payments, then you must be fully aware of the prerequisites delineated in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS.)

Failure to be compliant can result in fines or even removal from the credit card approval programs. Most companies don’t have the proper method to process required audits and show they are in compliance with the rules. PCI compliance can be easily achieved via the cloud.

Qualys, an Approved Scanning Vendor, delivers a simple and elegant solution for PCI compliance via the cloud.

Qualys PCI Compliance benefits:

  • Verifies PCI compliance in four easy steps
  • Provides accurate, prioritized scan results with detailed instructions for remediation
  • Requires no software to deploy or maintain
  • Discovers and maps all devices on your network to help determine which are in scope for PCI

Simplify your PCI compliance scanning with an impressive tool relied upon by organizations worldwide. Start your complimentary Qualys PCI Compliance trial today.

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