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IT Personnel Require Online Scanning Tools to Detect Cyber Threats

Scanning your network for threats and vulnerabilities is essential for your organization's online security.

You need perimeter scanning to detect security vulnerabilities across your entire network. You need web application scanning for detecting vulnerabilities in all of your web applications. And, you need malware detection scans to check websites for malware infections and threats.

Qualys FreeScan quickly scans your network, servers, desktops or web apps for security vulnerabilities, with a high degree of accuracy.

In just minutes, FreeScan can:

Scan computers and apps on the internet or in your network

Detect security vulnerabilities and the patches required to fix them

View interactive scan reports by threat or by patch

Test websites and apps for OWASP Top 10 risks and malware

Test computers against SCAP security benchmarks

Start your free online scan today. All you need is a browser, and it's completely free!

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