Network Security Systems

Security Teams Need the Right Tools to Face Network Threats

One of the biggest struggles facing network security systems teams daily is how to adequately prioritize vulnerability remediation tasks. This is a monumental chore because new challenges are discovered every day.

No IT department has enough staff and resources to quickly patch every single flaw within their network. They have to make some potentially dangerous compromises in how to and when to best address the security holes that are so inviting to cybercriminals.

Qualys ThreatPROTECT  helps IT professionals automatically prioritize the vulnerabilities that pose the highest risk to your organization.

ThreatPROTECT includes a Live Threat Intelligence Feed where Qualys continuously validates and rates new threats from internal and external sources. 

With Qualys ThreatProtect you can:

  • Visualize critical threats to your environment
  • Receive instant reports on threats that pose immediate risk to your business
  • Identify unstable systems with Google-like search
  • View remediation efforts with real-time trend analysis

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