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Your Security Team Needs the Right Software to Defeat Network Threats

Network security departments face a daily prolonged battle of prioritizing their vulnerability remediation work. This is an enormous campaign because new challenges are discovered constantly.

The mandatory staff and resources needed to quickly patch flaws within the network can be a daunting task.  They often have to make some dangerous concessions in addressing the security holes that are so inviting to cyber criminals.

Qualys ThreatPROTECT continuously correlates external threat data against your internal vulnerabilities and flags the IT assets that require immediate remediation.

The benefits of Qualys ThreatProtect include:

• Taming vulnerability data overload and regaining control over remediation prioritization

• Saving time and ensuring the best use of your patching resources

• Getting alerts about old, low-risk vulnerabilities that suddenly become dangerous

 Seeing your entire IT asset inventory and vulnerabilities “at a glance” and drilling down into device and software details

Want to learn more about what to look for in a network security software? Download a free copy of "Best Practices for Selecting a Vulnerability Management Solution."

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