Network Security Risk Assessment

Accurately View Your Network with a Free Qualys Vulnerability Scan

To a cyber criminal, vulnerabilities on a network are high-value assets. These vulnerabilities are targets for exploitation. They can result in unauthorized entry into a network, can expose confidential information, provide fuel for stolen identities, trigger theft of business secrets, and violate privacy provisions of laws and regulations.

To accurately scan your network, servers, desktops or web apps for vulnerabilities, you need a reliable tool supplied by a trusted security vendor like Qualys. 

A comprehensive solution for network security must address the big picture. Here are some tips:

  • Identify and fix faults in the software that affect network security, performance, or functionality.
  • Continuously address new security threats, such as by updating software patches and antivirus signatures.
  • Change software configurations to make them less susceptible to attacks (such as worms, bots, etc.).
  • Enable the effective improvement and management of network security risks.

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