Network Security Monitoring

Getting the Right Monitoring Solution to Discover which Network Threats to Address First

Network security teams face a tremendous struggle trying to monitor their IT infrastructure. The challenge to prioritize network vulnerability remediation tasks remains an enormous chore because new threats are uncovered continuously.

Qualys ThreatPROTECT lets you take full control of evolving threats by correlating active threats against your vulnerabilities, so you know which vulnerabilities to remediate first.

ThreatPROTECT has these features:

  • A comprehensive and continuous updated view of all your IT assets
  • Knowledge of the constant stream of vulnerability disclosures
  • The ability to correlate external threat information with your vulnerability gaps
  • Dashboard tools to visualize your threat landscape
  • Precise assessments of your organization's threat scenarios

Start a free trial of ThreatPROTECT today and see how it's network security monitoring can assist you.

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