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Inventorying IT Assets - The First Step in Better Security

It can be a challenging task to safeguard and ensure that all IT assets are up-to-date, compliant, and secure. Globalization, virtualization, and mobile assets such as laptops and tablets are rapidly adding new endpoints on business networks and making the task even more difficult.

Qualys AssetView, a cloud-based asset inventory service, provides visibility and actionable information on an organization's global IT assets. With AssetView, businesses of any size can quickly peruse any information on any IT asset where an agent is set up. The lightweight agent maintains a continuously updated inventory.

With AssetView, you get these powerful features:

• Scale to millions of assets, making it appropriate for even the largest enterprises

• A continuously up-to-date asset inventory

• A self-updating, self-managing solution, so there is little resource impact and no need to reboot or update

• Fast, accurate, actionable data about services, file systems and registries

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