Check IP Addresses on Network-Connected Devices to See If They're Authorized

Cybersecurity should be a critical concern for you as a business owner, because your company could be at risk of internet attacks.

Businesses face myriad threats, and are challenged with successfully fending them off. You, the business owner, are responsible for all technical burdens when it comes to cybersecurity, including IP scanning.

Qualys FreeScan is a free service used by organizations around the world to quickly scan computers, networks, web sites and web applications for security vulnerabilities. 

With Qualys FreeScan, you can perform a variety of security and compliance scans from a single, unified console:

  • Patch Tuesday PC Audit — Find missing updates and patches
  • OWASP Web Application Audit — Test your web apps against the OWASP Top 10 risks
  • SCAP Compliance Audit — Test computers to see if they comply with leading security configuration benchmarks
  • Website Scan for Vulnerabilities and Malware — Check for SSL security configuration errors

Start scanning for security vulnerabilities with Qualys FreeScan.

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