HIPAA Compliance Audit

Qualys Vulnerability Management Provides Automated Healthcare Security and Policy Compliance

Any healthcare organization in the U.S. that stores, processes, or transmits personal health information is required to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and safeguard all patient data. 

Compliance with HIPAA regulations is challenging because its all-inclusive technical, physical, and administrative protections for security require many technologies and processes.

Using Qualys Policy Compliance, an organization can reduce the risk of internal and external threats, while at the same time provide proof of compliance demanded by auditors across multiple compliance initiatives.

Qualys Policy Compliance:

Provides on demand audits to automatically measure, test, and document security compliance

Has automated systems for security audits and vulnerability management

Automatically documents all security vulnerabilities and subsequent remediation

Provides one-click links to verified fixes

• Cuts guesswork in teaching staff and management about real-world protection of the network

Start your free trial today and see why Qualys is an ideal solution for helping you with HIPAA compliance program rules.

Need more guidance on policy compliance audits and issues? Download a free copy of "IT Policy Compliance for Dummies" now.

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