Free Port Scan

A Port Scan Is Just One Piece of the IT Security Puzzle

Remaining in compliance with IT security policies can be a practical nightmare for many companies but it's an essential task. The challenges for an IT staff can be quite daunting. Running an automated port scan is critical to protecting your network's perimeter and web applications.

Qualys' cloud-based solutions allows you to scan all of the ports in the standard ports list, or target your scan to a smaller set of ports.

Qualys FreeScan provides fast, accurate, free port scanning for security vulnerabilities, with a very low rate of false positives.

With Qualys FreeScan, you can take advantage of these powerful features:

Detect security vulnerabilities across the entire network

Detect vulnerabilities of all sizes

Safely and accurately scan your network for security threats and vulnerabilities

View interactive scan reports

Test computers against SCAP security benchmarks

If you have a browser, that's all you need to start your free port scan today!

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