Enterprise Network Security

Need a Blueprint for Improving Your Enterprise's Network Security?

The cornerstone of reliable and robust security starts with knowing what you really have in your network and then having continuous monitoring and security. It is of the utmost importance for safeguarding your IT infrastructure from cyber-attacks. 

Qualys Enterprise, an award-winning cloud security and compliance solution, helps global businesses simplify IT security operations and lower the cost of compliance. This solution delivers critical security intelligence on-demand and automates the full spectrum of auditing, compliance, and protection of Internet perimeter systems, internal networks, and web applications.

With Qualys Enterprise you can:

• Discover rogue devices and web applications

• Automatically identify, tag, and organize assets

• Report security trends across systems and time

• Identify needed patches

• Automate procedural questionnaires for employees, vendors, and partners

Need some assistance in improving your enterprise's network security? Download a complimentary copy of: "Automating the Top 20 CIS Critical Security Controls."

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