Data Breach Response

Quick Data Breach Response is the Key to Saving Small Businesses

To survive, small and medium-sized businesses need a data breach response that is "fast and furious." A single data breach can ruin a SMB that is not prepared with a quick response plan. 

Of course, knowing about your organization's security vulnerabilities and fixing them before they are attacked and, therefore, making a data breach response unnecessary, is the best of all worlds. 

As no security is 100% effective, having a data breach response plan is necessary to limit the damage done by cybercriminals. With the widespread popularity of web apps installed on networks, the importance of having the appropriate level of security and a robust data breach response plan in place, cannot be overstated. 

What security should you consider? Qualys Express Lite is a cloud-based security and compliance suite that is:

1. Easy - no software to maintain

2. Affordable - no servers to buy or set up

3. Automated - scans, organizes, prioritzes, and reports

4. Accurate - tells you what you need to know

5. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) - always up to date

Try your free trial today. There's nothing to install!

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