Asset Management Features

A Visibility & Control Solution to Keep Your Assets Safe

The basis of reliable endpoint security and compliance is the need for visibility and control. However, as new endpoints are added onto networks, it’s harder for institutions to know what IT assets exist on their network, where they reside, who manages them, and what may be their associated security risks.

Qualys AssetView is a cloud-based service that provides these key asset management features: visibility and actionable data on global IT assets within an organization.

With AssetView you can:

• Discover in seconds any IT asset 

• Scale for even the largest enterprises

• Maintain a continuously up-to-date asset inventory

• Self-update, self-manage, and require no need to reboot

• Provide accurate, actionable data about services, file systems, and registries

Get all these asset management features immediately: sign up for a free trial of AssetView now!

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