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Identify Web App Vulnerabilities with Cloud-based Scanning

Web applications live outside of the traditional network perimeter. If they're not properly secured, they offer hackers an attractive attack surface and a convenient entry point into your IT environment.

Due to poor development and testing practices, web apps are often plagued with security vulnerabilities and configuration gaps. When breached, web apps can expose massive amounts of confidential business data.

With Qualys, you can automate web app security, shield web servers from hackers, rid your websites from malware, and make the software development life-cycle more secure. Qualys has built an innovative cloud-based firewall and scanning service called Qualys Web Application Scanning that provides automated crawling and testing of custom web apps to identify vulnerabilities. It includes cross-site scripting and SQL injection. 

With Qualys Web Application Security, you will enjoy these powerful features:

  • Find and catalog all web apps in your network, including new and unknown ones, and get quick and comprehensive visibility of their vulnerabilities 
  • Authenticated and complex scans are supported
  • Quickly deploy apps on public or private clouds, and scale seamlessly as new apps are added

Sign up for a free trial of Qualys Web Application Scanning today. 

Not ready for a free trial? Then download your free copy of "Web App Security for Dummies" now!

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