Advanced Malware Detection

Disruptions to Your Website Business Can Be Countered with Malware Detection Techniques

Malware can be very troublesome to an organization's website business. To keep things running smoothly online, an organization will need to employ multiple malware detection techniques. 

We suggest using Qualys Malware Detection (MD) as one of these approaches. Qualys MD supports regularly scheduled scanning to monitor websites on an ongoing basis, with email alerts to quickly notify when infections are discovered. Malware details are furnished so that IT staff can take quick action to isolate and remove malware.

Qualys MD features include:

  • Behavioral analysis for zero-day malware detection
    • Ability to initiate remediation actions directly from the dashboard
    • Infected pages and malware infection trend reports
    • Email alerts that notify staff when infections are discovered

Start your free trial today and see how advanced malware detection can get the job done.

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