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Oracle Unleashes 248 Security Updates in First Patch Release of 2016

Wolfgang Kandek, chief technical officer at security firm Qualys, warned that it is more important than ever for organisations to be aware of the applications they run and to keep all software up to date. Read more

Jan 20, 2016

Oracle Releases Record Number of Security Patches

Oracle released its first quarterly Critical Patch Update of 2016. The update consists of 248 updates and provides fixes for E-business suite, Java SE and Database Server, and includes a number of critical updates to reduce the risk of attack. Read more

Jan 20, 2016

Adobe, Microsoft Push Reader, Windows Fixes

Microsoft and Adobe releases patches for Patch Tuesday January 2016, and Microsoft announced the retirement of several versions of Internet Explorer. Read more

Jan 16, 2016

Microsoft Silverlight patch might be a Hacking Team zero day

A Microsoft Silverlight patch becomes more important as researchers claim it may be a Hacking Team zero day that has been known for years. Read more

Jan 14, 2016

Evil OpenSSH servers can steal your private login keys to other systems – patch now

Malicious OpenSSH servers can silently steal people's private SSH keys as they try to login, it emerged today, according to analysis released by Qualys. Read more

Jan 14, 2016

Bug that can leak crypto keys just fixed in widely used OpenSSH

A critical bug that can leak secret cryptographic keys has just just been fixed in OpenSSH, one of the more widely used implementations of the secure shell (SSH) protocol. Read more

Jan 14, 2016

Top Survival Tips For IE End-Of-Life

If an immediate upgrade to the latest version is not an option for all your machines running Internet Explorer, here's how to mitigate your risk. Read more

Jan 13, 2016

How Will ITSM Play its Part Fighting the IT Security Threat?

How threats of terrorism have changed the IT landscape making IT security no longer just a business integrity issue, but also a political issue. Read more

Jan 5, 2016

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