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Is IoT turning into the Internet of Thugs?

The rise in attacks on connected devices is underscored by the overall rise of vulnerabilities disclosed by companies like Microsoft.

Banks Try to Thwart Hackers, Take Aim at Vendors

Qualys Chief Product Officer Sumedh Thakar discusses the investments Qualys has made to help customers achieve assurance in the company's own security policies.

Is Antivirus Getting Worse?

Qualys Vulnerability Labs Director Amol Sarwate discusses the need for a combination of multiple technologies to help address a threat landscape that now increasingly evades anti-virus technologies.

Oracle Patches Raft of Vulnerabilities in Business Applications

"Oracle updates are huge and touch a wide range of products," said Amol Sarwate, director of vulnerability labs at Qualys. "As compared to older CPUs this was a regular-sized update but is bound to keep administrators busy due to the sheer number of vulnerabilities and products it touches."

2017 IT Forecast: Cloudy With A Chance Of Security Concerns

Jason Kent, VP of product management, Web app security at Qualys, discusses the benefits of hybrid cloud, but warns of security challenges in storing an app's front end in one place and database in another.

Oracle's Monster Security Update: 270 Fixes and Over 100 Remotely Exploitable Flaws

"Security firm Qualys notes that over 100 of the flaws fixed in this update can be used by a remote attacker without requiring credentials."

Microsoft Rings in New Year With Light January Patch Tuesday

"Remote attackers and unauthenticated attackers -- so, an attacker who doesn't have any credentials on the box or anything like that -- [can] send a special request, a special authentication request, to the server, which would cause the server to reboot," said Amol Sarwate, director of vulnerability labs for Qualys Inc., in Redwood City, Calif.

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Issues Two Critical Fixes

Qualys Director of Vulnerability Labs Amol Sarwate explains howe Microsoft's new security portal is driven by an online database and instead of having to browse through an index of documents, enabling users to sort, search, and filter the database to find details about a specific security bulletin and its associated updates.

Hackers are Having a Field Day with Stolen Credentials

Qualys Vulnerability Labs Director Amol Sarwate summarizes 2016 trends in credential breaches and offers related best practices for software vendors, website owners and end users.

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