Easy-to-Use, Cost Effective
PCI Compliance Through the Cloud

Achieve PCI Compliant Status and Secure
Your Network from Data Breaches

Conveniently Complete the PCI
"Self-Assessment Questionnaire" Online

Quickly Eliminate Security Threats with
Detailed Remediation Instructions

Auto-Submit Compliance Status Directly
to Your Acquiring Banks

Secure Your Web Applications to
Meet PCI 6.6 Requirements

As a Cloud Solution Requires
No Software to Deploy or Maintain

QualysGuard® PCI Compliance

QualysGuard® PCI Compliance (PCI) provides businesses, online merchants and Member Service Providers the easiest, most cost-effective and highly-automated way to achieve compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Known as PCI DSS, the standard provides organizations the guidance they need to ensure that credit cardholder information is kept secure from possible security breaches. QualysGuard PCI draws upon the same highly accurate scanning infrastructure and technology as Qualys' flagship solution, QualysGuard - used by thousands of organizations around the world to protect their networks from the security vulnerabilities that make attacks against networks possible.

Qualys is an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV)

Delivered via our cloud platform, QualysGuard PCI is the most accurate, easiest to use solution for PCI compliance testing, reporting and submission. QualysGuard PCI enables merchants and Member Service Providers to promptly complete the PCI self-assessment questionnaire, and conduct network and web application security scans to efficiently identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities. The QualysGuard PCI "auto submission" feature completes the compliance process, allowing users to submit compliance status to one or multiple acquiring banks.

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