Protect Your Online Customers from
Malware Infections and Safeguard Your Brand

Proactively Scan Your Web Sites for
Malware Through the Cloud

Fully Automated Scanning to Monitor
Your Web Sites on a Daily Basis

Quickly Identify and Eradicate Malware with
Automated Alerts with In-Depth Reporting

Detailed Malware Infections Reports Provided
Along with Infected Code for Remediation

Qualys Malware Detection Service

Thousands of web sites, including those of larger, well-established companies, are infected with malware daily, often without their knowledge. The malware can disrupt operations for the web site or its users, or gain unauthorized access to information and computer systems. In addition, with the emergence of third-party content services such as ad networks, malware often doesn’t need to reside on a web site to infect its users.

To counter these threats, Qualys Malware Detection Service (MDS) Enterprise Edition allows organizations to proactively scan their web sites for malware, providing automated alerts and in-depth reporting to enable prompt identification and resolution. Qualys MDS enables organizations to protect their customers from malware infections and safeguard their brand reputations.

The Qualys MDS Enterprise Edition enables businesses to scan and manage a large number of sites, preventing web site black listing and brand reputation damage. Organizations that use MDS will be able to quickly identify and eradicate malware that could infect their web site visitors and lead to loss of data and revenue. MDS supports regularly scheduled scanning to monitor web sites on an ongoing basis, with email alerts to quickly notify organizations when infections are discovered. Malware infection details are provided so that organizations can take quick action to isolate and remove malware.

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